June Holiday Camp – For Ages 8 – 10


Day 1:

Introduction to Tynker and Mario Egg Catcher Game

In this workshop, students will be creating a rendition of the famous egg catcher game. In the game, the player is supposed to catch all the good eggs and prevent them from dropping. Students will learn about basic game design and fundamental theory of developing a game, in addition to having the opportunity to unleash their creativity as they create their own sounds, score system and levels for their game! 

In the first session will start with a light-hearted introduction to Tynker and the Egg Catcher game by designing their own Mario-themed favorite background and characters. They will also grasp the concepts of physics, specially gravity, in order to understand how the falling objects interacts with its main character, Mario and its game environment.


Day 2:

Introduction to programming concepts – conditionals and variables

In this session, students will focus on creating a points system and a timer for the game. Depending on the different interactables, the points and/or timer of the game changes. As such, students will be introduced to two fundamental programming concepts. The concept of conditionals will be taught to students as students are required to program their main character to interact with different objects in the game and create different visual or sound effects. The concept of variables will also be touched upon as the game requires a scoring system to make it more fun and engaging to the player. 


Day 3:

Final Touch-up and Presentation

Students will be tasked to complete their Egg Catcher game from the past 2 days and create another level. They are encouraged to add in more falling objects and make their level(s) more interesting. After editing their levels, they can then try out other students’ games as well as allow other students to play with their own game, gathering feedback and adjusting their game as such to make it more interactive and user-friendly. This session is mostly a fun and easygoing class for the students as they make final touches and polish their game. To wrap it all up, students will present their game to their fellow classmates who will critic their game once more so that they can further improve with the ideas/feedback provided, allowing them to understand the importance of game testing in game development.



Ages: 8 to 10 years old
Class Duration: 3 hours
Dates: 30 May – 1 June / 1-3 June / 8-10 June / 15-17 June / 20-22 June / 22-24 June
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Prices: S$350
Class Size: Small, 6 per instructor
Location: Orchard, Kinex and Wisteria
Registration Details:
Phone: (+65) 8916-0017
Email: contact@thelab.sg