June 2021 Holiday Camp – For Ages 8 – 10


Day 1:

Introduction to Tynker and Comet Quest​ Game

This session will start with a light-hearted introduction to Tynker and Comet Quest, a side scroller game and learn about basic game design and fundamental theory of a side scroller game, in addition to having the opportunity to unleash their creativity as they create their own sounds, rocket, comets, score system and levels for their game!

To kick start on their learning of programming, students will be taught about the proper arrangement of block-based programming using required coding blocks to create a timer in the game. Then, we will touch on the mathematical concept of x and y coordinates and inequality in order to control how characters move and where they are positioned throughout their game. To further groom their creativity, students will learn how to animate so that in their game, the comets are burning brightly as it flies across the screen.


Day 2:

Laying down the structure of the game

In this session, students will be able to see the end product of their side scroller game as they will start developing the game properly by applying control over their characters in their games. Programming concepts like cloning, movement and feedback of the game will be taught to help them complete their game. Previously taught concepts from the day before will also be recapped as they will continue to utilise these coding blocks for an interactive game, such as the random block for the comets to always move differently. Moreover, students will be adding more animations to their game to make their game more interesting, such as showing the explosion of the rocket when it touches a comet and enabling the rocket to shoot lasers to destroy comets.


Day 3:

Final Touch-up

Before students will be tasked to complete their side-scroller game from the past 2 days, a final programming concept of ending the game will be taught. They are encouraged to add in more obstacles and make their level more interesting. After editing their levels, they can then try out other students’ games as well as allow other students to play with their own game, gathering feedback and adjusting their game as such to make it more interactive and user-friendly. This session is mostly a fun and easygoing class for the students as they make final touches and polish their game. To wrap it all up, students will present their game to their fellow classmates who will critic their game once more so that they can further improve with the ideas/feedback provided, allowing them to understand the importance of game testing in game development.


Ages: 8 to 10 years old
Class Duration: 3 hours/ 3 sessions
Dates: 23-25 Jun/ 7-9 July
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Prices: S$350
Class Size: Small, 5 per instructor
Location: Katong and Wisteria (online for classes before 14 June)
Registration Details:
Phone: (+65) 8767-4557
Email: contact@thelab.sg