The Lab introduces programs which enrich a student’s personal attributes as well as academic.

Monthly Members Competition

Internal Members’ Competition

The Lab runs various internal competitions for members. Competitions are designed to enhance teamwork and collaborative skills amongst members. 

The Lab Thinkers Competition is the largest internal competition open to all students of The Lab. Students are given a real-life problem statement and tasked to provide a technological solution. 


Student of the Month Award

Every month, the Student of the Month are awarded to students in the Kinder, Junior and Coder programs. They are designed to recognize student achievement and to showcase their coding prowess. The purpose is to spark interest and motivation in our students in their learning journey with The Lab.

Participate in National Competitions

Participate in National Competitions

The Lab participates in Robotics and STEM related competitions that places a student’s credentials at an advantage, particularly for DSA-SEC (Direct Secondary Admission – Secondary).

Some notable competitions we take part annually includes Coding Olympics, Canadian Computing Competition – CEMC and Code Quest.

Student Industry Tours

Student Industry Tours

The Lab organizes student industry tours. The Lab ethos behind such tours is to expose the students to a different landscape, variety of people thereby encouraging interaction, ignite career inspirations, exchange of ideas and to acquire the knowledge about the basic functionality of a company.

Mentorship Program

Volunteer Program

We have curated several volunteering opportunities for your child to share their coding knowledge with others, especially the underprivileged to promote inclusiveness in society. Some of the events that we have done in the past includes teaching underprivileged students, and elderly. Find the opportunity that strikes a chord to kick start your child’s volunteering journey today!

Leadership Program Instructor Assistant

Leadership Program – Instructor Assistant

(By invitation only) The Lab runs a comprehensive Leadership Program that works towards the development of a selected member’s leadership skills through an invitation to take up leadership responsibilities as an instructor assistant. As an instructor assistant, they will assist the senior instructor with instructional responsibilities. They will work hand in hand with our instructors to guide and share their knowledge and Computational Thinking skills with others. In this way, we hope to prepare them for responsible leadership and service to society.