Sep 2024 Holiday Camp

Age 8-12

Course Details

Day 01

Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

Morning Session: The Lab

Understanding AI and ML: Learn the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, including definitions, applications, and real-world relevance.

Getting Started with mBlock: Explore mBlock’s capabilities through basic coding exercises to familiarize yourself with its programming environment.

Voice Recognition Training Basics: Learn the essentials of voice recognition training in machine learning by training mBlock to understand voice commands.

Afternoon Session: Zhou’s Academic

AI Vocabulary in Chinese: Learn key terms such as “Artificial Intelligence” (人工智能), “Machine Learning” (机器学习), “Neural Network” (神经网络), etc.
Essay Writing in Chinese: Guided essay writing on AI topics using new vocabulary.
Oral Practice and Presentation: Enhance speaking skills using the newly learned vocabulary.

Day 02

AI and Voice Recognition in Chinese

Morning Session: The Lab

Building on the programming concepts introduced in Day 1 this segment focuses on applying your knowledge in a new linguistic context. We’ll transition from English to Chinese, enhancing your programming versatility and expanding your problem-solving skills across languages.

1. Multilingual Programming: English to Chinese by learning Chinese Idioms with Voice Recognition

2. Hands-on with mBlock: Chinese Programming Exercises

Afternoon Session: Zhou’s Academic

Introduction to Chinese Idioms: Explanation of idioms, their origins, and common usage.

Contextual Understanding and Application: Understand idioms in context and apply them through essay writing and oral presentation. 

For Ages: 8 to 12 years old
Class Duration: 2 full days (8 hours per session including lunch)
Dates: 4 – 5 September 2024 (Kinex)
Time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Prices: S$400 (Member); S$450 (Non-member)
Class Size: Small, 6 per instructor
Registration Details:
Phone: (+65) 8916-0017

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