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What the lab brings to the table is a group of highly trained professionals, leading in their own fields. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of Individuals with many years of experience in education and technology. We are confident in providing your child an unforgettable learning journey with us.

Our Vision

The Lab’s Vision and Guiding Principles will help us achieve our goal in becoming the leading Coding lab in Singapore and internationally, achieving excellence in Computational Thinking in education and promoting consistent values throughout our community so that your child succeed in the future economy.


Our Guiding Principles

Educational Excellence

Our school is committed to delivering exceptional teaching and learning opportunities, fostering the growth of every individual to surpass their own expectations.

Thinking Leadership

We aim to establish ourselves as pioneers in childhood education by leading in Computational Thinking, gaining worldwide recognition for our outstanding quality and rigorous academics.

Global Reputation

Our goal is to attain a prominent global reputation for excellence, positioning our school as a renowned institution in the field of Computational Thinking and education overall.

Our Curriculum

Delivering You The Best In Class Education

MOE introduced Programming as a new O-level subject in 2017. With our curriculum tied to the syllabus, we are the education solution provider for your child’s programming needs. 

The Lab curriculum is perfectly crafted by a group of academic professionals. Our curriculum team includes a Computer Science professor from a local university, Computer Science graduates from prestigious universities and tech industry experts to ensure we provide a robust learning experience for you.  

Good study skills and work habits are built and reinforced through continuous learning and commitment. The Lab provides a long-term curriculum designed to help students achieve lasting success for their future.  

We are the first education lab in Singapore to use predictive data analytics and educational psychology to develop a customized Programming/Coding curriculum for students aged 4 and above.

The Framework

The Lab Curriculum Framework defines its approaches and outcomes and sets the direction, for excellence in teaching and learning. It guides the lab in delivering a quality student-centric, values-driven and holistic education. Through this, students are guided through the process of constructing knowledge, acquiring skills and character required for the future.

Core Principles Of The Curriculum:


The Academic Framework


Psychological Research
In Childhood Education


Industry Connectivity

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