The Lab Junior Program

Ages 7-9

Class-Based Structure

Fuses Coding with
Multiple Discipline

100 minutes/week, 10 weekly lessons per term

Ratio 1:6

Program Overview


Foundation Course

The Lab Junior program is the foundation course to The Lab Coder Program. The curriculum integrates Computational Thinking (Programming) – problem solving skills – and the Engineering Design Process (Building). It promotes the application of Maths and Science, which are foundations to being a good programmer. The curriculum is also built upon the MOE Primary 4 Math syllabus and applied across this program.



Fun Over Learning

The cornerstone of the program is Fun Over Learning. The curriculum is designed to be fun and interactive so that your child’s interest in technology is fully piqued. The power of interest drives students to want to learn more.

The Junior program uses the LEGO® SPIKE, allowing students to develop hands-on experiences and engage in experiential learning. LEGO® SPIKE is a highly popular programmable robot kit used in several national and worldwide reowned robotics competitions. For online students, we will be using the Makeblock Codey Rocky, an award winning coding robot used by STEAM education providers around the world.


Build DSA Portfolios

The curriculum is divided into 6 terms (i.e. each term 10 lessons each). At the end of each term, your child would prepare for a presentation and build up their confidence and public speaking skills. This enhances their profiles through their talents and achievements, which would be beneficial for Direct School Admission (DSA) and other future interviews.

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