The Lab Kinder Program

Ages 5-6

Class-Based Structure

Fuses Coding with STEAM

90 Minutes Per Week
Across 10 Weeks

Ratio 1:4

Program Overview


Foundation Course

This curriculum serves as an initiation to the tech and programming realm, aligning with Singapore’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) goals. Rooted in the “Fun over Learning” principle, it fosters Computational Thinking (Programming) and Engineering Design Process (Building) through interactive play. The emphasis is on nurturing healthy technology habits from a young age.



Employing a range of acclaimed educational robots, the curriculum facilitates visual concept comprehension. Adhering to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) methodology, it leverages diverse avenues to stimulate student inquiry, foster dialogue, and cultivate critical thinking.


Integrate MOE Math Syllabus

The curriculum aligns with the MOE Primary 1 Math syllabus, offering an engaging and enjoyable glimpse into your child’s upcoming Primary 1 learning adventure.

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