Christmas Ideas for your child’s present this year

Choosing a coding gift for kids but don’t know where to start?

Let us help you! The following list has some of our favourite coding gifts for children!

The Best Coding Toys

Coding toys are the perfect way to spark your child coding interest.

It is also a great way to develop their current coding interest too.

For Age 5+

Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot Activity Set

The winner of an innovative Toy of the Year Award in 2019 is an interesting screen-free coding toy suitable for young children to learn how to code. The latest version, Botley 2.0, adds new features.

For Age 4+

Code and Go robot Mouse Activity Set

A great way to learn coding without even realizing it. Build a maze, code your mouse and find the cheese. You can use the activity card or build your own maze and solve it with your own codes.

For Age 7-12

Lego Boost

This is the best robotics kit for beginners. It is a joy to put together and easiest to program. A great gift to make cool projects and let your kids enjoy many hours of Lego and programming fun. Do note that you will need either a mobile device or tablet to program the robot.

For Age 10+

Lego Education Spike Prime Set

For kids who love to build LEGO. This is an excellent coding gift! This is a great robot-making kit to learn coding. Learn at your own pace with endless possibilities. Do note that you will need either a mobile device or tablet to program the robot.

Age 6-14

Kano Computer Kit

Build your own computer with Raspberry Pi 3 and discover how it works. Learn to code with 100+ step-by-step creative challenges. Don’t just play, learn to hack it and do something new with this winner of the family choice award, webby award, red dot award, cannes gold lions and more.

Age 12 and above

Raspberry Pi

You can build many things with a Rasperry Pi. Not just one project but many projects as a Raspberry Pi can be re-used to create many projects. It is something new, exciting, and enjoyable. Work as a toy and also an educational tool. At around age of 12, it is a good time for children to explore it on their own. The real fun starts when you use your Raspberry Pi for projects and learn along the way. Can be purchased from with other accessories.


Whether it is a toy or a holiday camp mentioned, our list delivers great gifts and experiences that will get kids more interested in coding.

These are the 6 best coding gifts for kids this year!

  • Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot Activity Set (Age 5+)
  • Code and Go robot Mouse Activity Set (Age 4+)
  • Lego Boost (Age 7-12)
  • Lego Education Spike Prime Set (Age 10+)
  • Kano Computer Kit (Age 6-14)
  • Raspberry Pi (Age 12+)

It can be a School Holiday Camp to create a game. Have fun coding and playing games! Happy Holiday to our readers!

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