Monthly Members’ Competition

Competition Date:  7 to 13 Dec 2020

Scrolling Message

Sensors used:


Program Description

Scrolling message is a common way to display text that is longer than the screen width.
Build a program to scroll the message “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” across the LCD infinitely as shown in the video sample.

Use repeat-50 to represent repeat while true loop for testing.
Do not hard code, ie. you should not use a series of LCD blocks to display “Merry Christmas “, “erry Christmas a”, “rry Christmas an”, etc



5 Coins

Create the program as described above.

10 Coins

Display 2 lines.
Top line shows “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” scrolling to the left from the starting of the text.
Bottom line shows “>>>>—->>>>—-” scrolling to the right.
The messages will scroll infinitely as shown in the video sample (use repeat-50 to represent repeat-while-true loop for testing).



– You need to use variable. Watch this clip on how to use variable.

– You can manipulate text in this way

Answer for last month competition

5 coins

10 coins