Monthly Members’ Competition

Competition Date: 5 – 11 Apr 2021

Sharp Vision

Sensors used:

LCD / Button at D2 / Button at D4

Program Description

1. LCD displays “Count the number of blinks”

2. LCD displays a random number of blinks for 0.2 second each (from 5 to 10 blinks). Each blink is a random colour of either red, green or blue.

3. LCD displays the followings: “Enter the number” “Press D2 to add” “D4 to minus” “and D2 + D4 to confirm”

4. The programme will allow player to enter the number which starts from 0. When the user presses button D2 the number will increase. When the user presses button D4 the number will decrease. The number will be shown on the LCD as the user enters the number.

5. When the user presses D2 and D4 together, the programme will check if the number equals to the number of blinks.

6. If the number is correct, the LCD will display “Correct!”. Otherwise, it will display “Wrong!” followed by the correct answer.



5 Coins

Create the program as described above

10 Coins

Instead of random colours, the blinking will go in the repeated colour pattern, red->green->blue>red->green->blue



– You need to use variable. Watch this clip on how to use variable.

– You can manipulate text in this way