Discover your child’s learning style and behavior

Young children tend to have very short attention spans. To fully engage them and maximise their learning potential, parents and teachers alike need to understand the different ways that children learn and introduce things that they like in the teaching process. Remember, every child is unique! It is important to take time exploring which learning styles your child prefers and cater to their learning needs. Even biological twins living in the same living conditions and environment are drastically different and unique in their own ways.

Primary Learning Styles of Children and the Different Methodologies to tackle them

While every child has one or more learning styles, they do have something in common. Children share a liking for simplicity. Using simple vocabulary and short sentences in lessons would facilitate the understanding of children. Additionally, children are able to follow lessons more closely when they are given practice time, and when someone can demonstrate the steps to perform a task to them. 

At the end of the lessons, doing recaps and summaries of the lesson content would help children to consolidate all the knowledge they have. It is also important to praise and compliment them so that they would be motivated to do better.

So, do try the above learning methods on your child. 

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