Onboarding for New Students

These informative videos are designed to onboard both your child and you, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience as you embark on this enriching journey with us.

1. Introduction

In this engaging introductory video, we will acquaint you with The Lab, unveiling a sneak peek into the innovative programs we have curated for you. Discover the exciting opportunities that await as we navigate through the dynamic and enriching offerings designed to enhance your experience with us.

2. Curriculum

Explore the distinctive and customized realm of The Lab’s curriculum as we break away from the conventions of a traditional classroom setting. Delve into the video to unravel the unique approach we embrace, redefining education to foster a truly dynamic and enriching learning experience for all.

3. Booking of Classes

This video holds crucial information for you! Ensure you secure your spot by making your bookings to attend The Lab Coder sessions. With limited availability, we want to avoid any disappointments, so act promptly to guarantee your participation in this exciting and in-demand program. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock your coding potential at The Lab!

4. The Lab Coin System

Dive into The Lab Coin System, where your digital coins become keys to a world of amazing and cool prizes! Accumulate coins through your achievements and participation, then get ready to exchange them for a fantastic array of rewards. It’s a fun and rewarding way to enhance your experience at The Lab, turning your achievements into tangible excitement. 

5. The Lab Student Development Program

Our Student Development Program goes beyond just teaching programming. We are committed to nurturing your child into a wholesome individual, fostering skills and values that enable them to contribute effectively to society. Join us in shaping not only coding proficiency but also character and leadership qualities that will empower your child for a successful and meaningful future.

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