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The Parent’s Edition of Raspberry Pi vs Micro:bit

So, what’s the difference between a Raspberry Pi and a Microbit?  Read on to find out how they compare and what they offer. 

What are they?

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a mini computer.



The micro:bit is a small computer board plus sensors and LEDS. It is part of an initiative to get kids to do gain interest in programming.

Which one is more powerful? 

Raspberry Pi is more powerful.

Micro Bit’s chip is significantly less powerful than the Raspberry Pi.

Suitability levels 

More suitable for students who are pursuing more advanced programming. It is commonly used for tertiary education. 

Used for teaching basic programming. 


Just plug and play. For example, you can just plug in the power, your monitor’s cable, mouse’s cable, keyboard’s cable and you get yourself a fully working desktop computer. 

Need crocodile clips to physically hook it up to other devices (such as sensors or robots).


A microcomputer that has an interface that you can access by plugging it into a monitor. Generally, we can program directly using a Raspberry Pi. 

A microcontroller that has no interface, you write a program on a computer and upload just the code onto the board. You need a computer to work with a micro bit. 

Programming Language


Python 2/3




The micro:bit was designed as a steppingstone for children to learn the building blocks of coding before moving on to the move advance Pi. 

It’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re trying to decide between the two. Micro:bit has what you need if you’re starting out in the world of coding and programming. But if you’re planning to pursue further and have already laid the coding groundwork, the Raspberry Pi could be ideal. 

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