March 2024 Holiday Camp

Age 5-7

Come join the excitement of coding as you build your very own Beyblade machine using Lego Robotics!

In this workshop, students will dive into the world of Lego building and programming.
By tapping into their creativity and imagination, they’ll craft a simple yet thrilling Beyblade machine.

Geared towards children aged 5-6, this camp promises a blast of fun while sparking their curiosity and interest.

Course Details

Day 01

At our camp, participants will embark on an exciting journey of invention as they craft their very own Beyblade machines. Guided by our expert instructors, they will learn the art of designing, assembling, and customizing their spinning warriors.

The program includes the following activities:

Mechanics of a BeyBlade: Students will learn the mechanics behind a BeyBlade burst and launcher and build them out using Lego.

Introduction to Lego Robotics: Students will be using the Lego Mindstorms for this camp. They will learn how to program to control and launch their Beyblade with their machine.

Day 02

Get ready for more excitement as we continue our journey in Lego Robotics and Beyblade battles!

The program includes the following activities:

Beyblade Arena Design: Students will combine their knowledge of Beyblade mechanics and Lego Robotics to design and decorate their own battle arenas. They’ll unleash their creativity to create the ultimate battlegrounds.

Beyblade Battles: It’s time to put their creations to the test! Students will engage in friendly competitions, using their programmed Beyblade machines to battle against their peers. They’ll apply their skills and strategies to emerge victorious in the arena.
Join us for an unforgettable experience where creativity meets competition!

For Ages: 5 To 7 Years Old

13 – 14 March

10.30am – 12.30pm

Class Duration:
2 Hours

$200 (For Members) / $220 (For Non-Members)

Orchard & Kinex

Class Size:
Small (4 -5 Students)

Registration Details:
Phone: (+65) 8916-0017
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