June 2024 Holiday Camp

Age 5-7

Introducing young minds to the fascinating world of technology and innovation with an  Introduction to Machine Learning.

It is a dynamic and engaging course designed specifically for curious preschoolers.

Through interactive activities, playful games, and hands-on exploration, students will embark on an exciting journey to discover the basics of machine learning in a fun and accessible way.

Course Details

Day 01

On the first day, students will dive into the exciting world of machines and begin to understand the basics of how they work. Through interactive activities and engaging discussions, they will lay the foundation for understanding machine learning in a fun and accessible way.

Key Features:

  • Introduction to Machines: Students will learn about different types of machines and how they help us in our daily lives.
  • Sorting and Categorizing: Through hands-on activities, students will practice sorting and categorizing objects, laying the groundwork for understanding how machines learn to classify information.
  • Interactive Games: Fun games and activities will reinforce key concepts and keep students engaged throughout the session.

Day 02

Building on the foundation laid on Day 1, Day 2 dives deeper into the world of machine learning. Through practical applications and creative expression, students will explore the concept of programming and discover how machines can learn from examples.

Key Features:

  • Creative Expression: Students will have the opportunity to express their creativity to create flash cards for their machines to learn.
  • Utilizing Teachable Machine: We will introduce students to Teachable Machine by Google, a user-friendly tool that allows them to explore the basics of machine learning in a fun and interactive way.

For Ages: 5 To 7 Years Old

30-31 May (Kinex); 6-7 June (Orchard); 13-14 June (Kinex)

10.30am – 12.30pm

Class Duration:
2 Hours

$200 (For Members) / $220 (For Non-Members)

Orchard & Kinex

Class Size:
Small (4 -5 Students)

Registration Details:
Phone: (+65) 8916-0017
Email: contact@thelab.sg
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