March 2024 Holiday Camp

Age 8-10

Course Details

Day 01

Dive into Epic Super Mario Platformer Game!

This session serves as a light-hearted introduction to Tynker and the Super Mario game. Students will learn about game design and theory of a platformer game. Students can unleash their creativity when they create their own sounds, Super Mario characters, enemies, coin systems, platforms and backgrounds.

Day 02

Master Interactivity & Challenges!

In this session, students will focus on their main character – Super Mario. Through learning the concepts of gravity, random and loops, students will code to make Super Mario interact with the game environment such as the enemy, princess, coins, etc. They would learn how to program obstacles (i.e. pipes) to reappear at the exact coordinate when Super Mario collides with them. Students can use their own imagination by making the game interactables disappear with animations and sound effects.

Day 03

The Grand Finale and Showcase!

It’s time to add the final brushstrokes to your masterpiece! Students will embark on the ultimate quest: completing their very own platformer game! After mastering the basics over the past three days, it’s time to unleash creativity and ingenuity. And the excitement doesn’t stop there! Students will dive into a world of collaboration and innovation as they play and critique their classmates’ games, refining their own creations to achieve maximum interactivity and user-friendliness. Get ready to level up your skills and unleash your gaming genius!

For Ages: 8 to 10 years old
Class Duration: 9 hours (3 hours per session)
Dates: 13 – 15 March 2024
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Prices: S$350 (Member); S$380 (Non-member)
Class Size: Small, 6 per instructor
Location: Orchard and Kinex
Registration Details:
Phone: (+65) 8916-0017

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