What is Code For Fun?

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Code for Fun

What is Code For Fun?

Code For Fun is an enrichment Programme offered by IMDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE). This programme is not new. It has been introduced since 2014, after its pilot programme drew great response and interest.

Why is it Compulsory?

The objective of the Code For Fun programme is to increase students’ exposure to computational thinking. Computational Thinking involves breaking complex problems into small, comprehensible steps. Such has been validated by experts to be a critical life skill in the 22nd century. Computational Thinking is both useful in the ICT world as well as any other daily life situation and therefore a very important skill to learn.

As Singapore grows as a Smart Nation, children have to pick up the necessary skills from a young age. Hence, justifying MOE’s move of launching this programme for its students.

What will my child be learning?

In the 10-hour programme, students will be exposed to basic coding concepts. It combines visual and syntax-based programming with robotic kits and micro controllers. The main purpose of the programme is to trigger the interests of students and expose them to technology at a young age. It helps students to be aware of the skills in this digital world we live in.

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