Coding Olympics Singapore 2022 – The Lab Singapore Winners

Congratulations to our Coding Olympics Participants!   On 6 August, 42 of our students set out to compete in one of the biggest coding competition in Singapore, the Coding Olympics Singapore 2022*, held by the Singapore Science Centre. All of our students have fought very hard and we are proud of those who have participated. <Remember, it […]

DSA Process

One of the common questions Parents usually ask us is DSA. DSA stands for Direct School Admission. It is an entry into secondary schools before taking the PSLE. Because it is an admission without PSLE grades, competition is highly stiff to vie for the few precious spots specially in prestigious schools. Students are meant to […]

Lego Mindstorms EV3 vs Spike Prime

Spike vs Mindstorm Should I buy the new SPIKE Prime or get a second hand Mindstorms for my child? Did you know that the infamous Lego Mindstorms EV3 has been officially retired as of 31 June 2021? It has been with the Lego Robotics family for 8 years! SPIKE Prime is the latest lego education […]

Coding V.S. Robotics

Coding… Robotics… Programming… STEM… STEAM… Today, parents are spoiled with a myriad of choices for their kids. And with choices, comes confusion – the paradox of choice. In this article, we will focus on a very common question most parents ask: Coding vs Robotics. These two terms are often interchangeably used. But are they the […]

Christmas Ideas for your child’s present this year

Choosing a coding gift for kids but don’t know where to start? Let us help you! The following list has some of our favourite coding gifts for children! The Best Coding Toys Coding toys are the perfect way to spark your child coding interest. It is also a great way to develop their current coding […]

The Parent’s Edition of Raspberry Pi vs Micro:bit

So, what’s the difference between a Raspberry Pi and a Microbit?  Read on to find out how they compare and what they offer.  What are they? Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi is a mini computer.   Microbit The micro:bit is a small computer board plus sensors and LEDS. It is part of an initiative to get kids […]

Resources and guides to protect your child during COVID-19

The virus, COVID-19, has changed daily life in many ways for many people. Yet child development has not paused, and supporting children, families, and care providers of all kinds is as important as ever. In this post, we gathered a number of resources and recommendations to help you through this challenging time. This guide pulls […]

Developing your child’s fine motor skills

Every baby has an innate curiosity to explore the physical limits of their body when they’re born. Generally, they are able to roll over by the age of four months and hold items by eight months. During these early stages of their life, your child develops motor skills. What are motor skills? Motor skills are […]

What skills does my kid develop from learning Coding?

5 main skills which are HIGHLY transferable: (1) Logical and Analytical Thinking Logic is a skill students have to practice while coding. Through dissecting existing programs to understand the process and flow to achieve the solution through written code, students become increasingly analytical. Whether they are building or debugging, they are exercising their logic faculties […]


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