Coderz League – Spring League Winners 2023

The Lab Singapore proudly celebrates the outstanding achievements of three exceptional students, Lionel Soh, Lucas Loh, and Theo McGill, who recently showcased their talent and teamwork in the CoderZ Spring League, a global virtual robotics and coding tournament . Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Alson, these young minds demonstrated exceptional ingenuity and collaboration, paving their way to success.

Competing against other talented participants from around the world, Lionel, Lucas, and Theo harnessed their coding skills and creative problem-solving abilities to navigate intricate challenges presented by the tournament. Their remarkable synergy and collective efforts propelled them to secure an impressive 8th place in the preliminaries, placing them among the top contenders.

Mr. Alson commended their perseverance and collaborative effort, stating, “With the challenges being so open-ended, it’s easy [for the kids] to get stuck trying to optimise their own way of solving the challenge, even if it may not be the most optimal. Having teammates [to rely on] enabled them to try different [approaches] before settling on a solution.”


However, the trio’s first foray into team-based coding competitions do not end here; in fact, it is only the beginning.


As a coding school that values teamwork and innovation, The Lab Singapore believes that participating in such competitions not only enhances technical skills but also fosters essential qualities like collaboration, communication, and problem solving skills. It provides students with a platform to apply their knowledge, unleash their creativity, and gain invaluable experiences that can even benefit them outside of the coding sphere.


As such, The Lab Singapore is proud to support its students in the upcoming National Robotics Competition(NRC) 2023, organised by Science Centre Singapore, which promises to be an exciting team-based event that brings together the brightest young minds in robotics from across the nation. As an internal pre-selection process will be held in July, The Lab Singapore strongly encourages its students to seize this opportunity to showcase their talents and represent the centre on a national stage.


More information regarding NRC 2023 will be sent to all existing members of The Lab Singapore soon.

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