Code Quest Lockheed Martin 2023

Embracing New Challenges with a Promising First Step — Code Quest 2023
The Lab Singapore is excited to announce that on 29th April 2023, three of our talented students showcased their coding prowess at Code Quest, a prestigious global coding competition held annually by Lockheed Martin. While this year’s event took place virtually in Singapore, Code Quest also attracted participants from 17 physical sites around the world.
As a first-time participant, The Lab Singapore’s team, comprising Joshua Ng, Isaac Yeo, and Seagate Lim, displayed remarkable passion and determination in the APAC region. Among the 31 teams that competed in this highly challenging arena, our team secured a commendable 15th position overall. In the Novice Division, which comprised 13 teams, we achieved an outstanding 4th rank.

At The Lab Singapore, we value and acknowledge the efforts and progress of our students. The team’s achievement at Code Quest highlights their growth and the skills they have acquired through our comprehensive Competitive Programming course. We take pride in our students’ commitment to competing among some of the brightest coding talents in the region regardless of their stage in the coding journey.

Mr. Albert, a teacher at The Lab Singapore, commented on the benefits of such competitions, saying, “Lockheed Martin is one of the largest companies in the aerospace, military support, security, and technologies industry. Questions coming from these engineers have a lot of relevance to what solving real-life problems are about.”

Competitions like Code Quest not only assess the abilities of young coders, but also serve as valuable learning and growth opportunities. In an environment where mistakes are not explicitly pointed out, students are encouraged to think critically about their code and approach problems from various perspectives. This ability can be challenging to develop when students are solely taught through a step-by-step process.

According to Mr. Albert, “Genuine coding proficiency can only be achieved when the learning process delves deeper.” Adapting a vast knowledge base for coding requires significant modifications to teaching materials, supporting systems, and instructional styles to cater to the needs of children. “Striking a delicate balance between imparting technical skills and avoiding overwhelming young learners is crucial,” he said, as he highlighted the commitment that The Lab Singapore upholds.

The Lab Singapore is dedicated to empowering students with the necessary technical skills, nurturing their passion for coding, and fostering a new generation of innovative minds ready to shape our digital future. We warmly invite aspiring coders from all backgrounds and levels of experience to join us in our comprehensive programmes. 

More information about our various programmes is available on our website here.

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