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Experience our comprehensive program offerings, designed to enrich minds and foster growth. From skill-building workshops to interactive

seminars, our carefully curated selection caters to diverse interests and aspirations. Unveil new horizons with our transformative programs. 

Ages 5-6

The Lab Kinder

Kinder Program For Ages 5-6

Embark on a tech-adventure with our beginner’s journey into the world of programming!

Inspired by the Singapore curriculum’s Learning Goals, we blend tech fun with learning. Dive into playful explorations that weave together Coding Creativity and Building Brilliance.

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Ages 7-9

The Lab Junior

Junior Program For Ages 7-9

Enter The Lab Junior, the initial destination for aspiring young tech enthusiasts eager to delve into the world of coding. Embark on an exciting educational journey where Math, Science, Engineering and Technology collaborate.

Inspired by the MOE Primary 4 Math syllabus. Come join the excitement!

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Ages 10-14

The Lab Coder

Python Coder Program For Age 10 - 14

Our curriculum unfolds in four exciting stages: Foundation, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. By the end of this course, your child masters Computational Thinking, excelling in logical and analytical prowess.

Fluent Python coding skills are gained, leveraging one of academia and industry’s leading languages.

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Ages 14+

The Lab X

Advanced Program for Ages 14+

Where the serious coding begins!

Elevate your coding prowess with The Lab X! Our diverse programs offer aspiring pros a playground to push boundaries, exploring cutting-edge tech and diverse interests.

Step into the future of coding!

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Age 5-7

Holiday Camp for Ages 5 – 7

Programs for ages 5 - 7

Embark on an exciting journey to discover the basics of machine learning in a fun and accessible way using Teachable Machine by Google for young kids ages 5 - 7 years old!

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Age 8-10

Holiday Camp for Ages 8 – 10

Programs for ages 8 - 10

Explore the fascinating world of machine learning and artificial intelligence through hands-on activities using the innovative Codey Rocky robot by Makeblock!

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Age 11-14

Holiday Camp for Ages 11-14

Programs for Ages 11 - 14

Aspiring to become digital artists and gaming illustrators? Students will unleash their creativity through dynamic projects using Unity and Photopea, mastering essential tools for crafting immersive digital experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use Python?

Python stands out for many reasons: it’s a high level open source programming language that has a very large and growing supportive community. It’s a flexible language that is used by Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and for data analysis due to its numerous functionalities for artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is also becoming the standard in education. All first year coding program at schools like Cornell, Stanford, Dartmouth, Michigan, SUTD use Python as the language of instruction.

Python is the preferred language for novice programmers for several reasons: it’s a high level programming language which means the syntax used in the codes are very close to English language. This makes it simpler and easier for any student to quickly learn how to program in an efficient way. At The Lab, your child learns Python with great ease while having fun!

In The Lab, an average student require only a span of six modules to be able to read, understand, and write codes in native Python on their own. This level corresponds to our Advanced program. After this level, students are encouraged to explore Python further with our elective programs such as Data Sciences.

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